Live Performance of "The Gynoecium" at Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival 2019.


We are incredibly moved and honoured to be selected as the Best Newcomer Jazz Band in Greece by the 19th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, aside the godly exceptional Petros Klampanis Trio!!! So excited to open the festival at 27th of Mai with free entrance to anybody and be able to share this wonderful stage with our Idols!!

21.09.2019 @ Magdeburg @ Kulturnacht 2019
24.10.2019 @ Club Aquarium, Dresden
25.10.2019 @ Aaltra, Chemnitz
31.10.2019 @ Feinkost Lampe, Hannover
28.10.2019 @ “Medea” Album-Release und
Doppelkonzert mit Johannes Motschmann Trio
Privatclub, Berlin
15.01.2020 @ Bar Tausend, Berlin

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